How would you describe the work that you do? And, what problem do you solve?

I mentor women who have had life altering life experiences, who have gone from a place of pain to pleasure in that their specific experience has led them to their purpose.

Why is building a tribe important to you?

These tribe of women are the essence the soul, the spirit and the lifeblood of my true purpose in life. It is creating an environment that surrounds and connects to a foundation that is built with a passion of intensity.

What excites you most about building a tribe?

What excites me the most is to observe these women who possess a feverent passion of fire that propels them to their purpose.The passion is a divine fire that never goes out.

What do you see as being your biggest challenge in building a tribe?

That someone may be left behind.

What is the legacy that you would like to leave on planet earth?

My legacy is a gift that I freely give to five million women around the world. This is their ticket their passport to freedom.

Tell us one thing about yourself that not many people know?

I have a profound love for people. This comes with serving and giving.

How would you describe your life outside of business?

I live in California, I am not married and I have a son and two grandsons. I enjoy going to the movies, eating out, the gym and traveling.

Where can people connect with you?

Rochelle Lee Evans