How would you describe the work that you do? And, what problem do you solve?

I want to solve the crisis of meaning and purpose that plagues modern life, in spite of its tremendous comforts and technological advancements.

Why is building a tribe important to you?

My mission is to create a world-wide spiritual movement of making the deep, hardcore, yet eternal, timeless spiritual principals of the Vedas as the foundation for life. As a foundation for the politics, economics, education system, social structures and lifestyle for the whole world. To accomplish this, I must start building a tribe of people who will become torchbearers for this new paradigm for life.

What excites you most about building a tribe?

Interacting and engaging with like minded people who will see the value and wisdom of the message I want to spread.

What do you see as being your biggest challenge in building a tribe?

My mental, intellectual approach to the solution involved. I must make it more emotional so as to create a connection. I must learn to story-tell and engage in a fun, emotional yet impactful manner.

What is the legacy that you would like to leave on planet earth?

A new spiritual paradigm as the foundation for living life. One that helps every individual function at their highest potential so that they can experience unprecedented levels of prosperity, knowledge, wisdom and pleasure. So that humans can live at a higher plane of existence altogether.

Tell us one thing about yourself that not many people know?

I had a series of accidental spiritual awakenings, and was ‘given’ a clear mandate for spreading the word about this new, yet ancient( because it is timeless by its characteristics) spiritual paradigm.

How would you describe your life outside of business?

I live in Perth, Australia with my husband. I do not have kids, yet, although I would love to have one. Spare time is reading/ watching videos on topics related to spirituality. There is nothing much else I think about. I live, breathe and eat spirituality.

Where can people connect with you?

Website: The Yogic Mutant  Facebook Page: stringtheoryoflife Facebook Group: The Yogic Mutant Instagram: The Yogic Mutant