Are you a coach, mentor, expert or thought leader?

Is the old model of building a coaching business not working for you?

Now is the time to build a tribe that shapes the world and increase your income, influence and impact as you do. With hands on mentorship from “Master Tribe Builder”, Mark Bowness.

…Plus create world class programmes that ensure
freedom and flexibility, position yourself as the go to media authority, discover how to sell without being sale-sy, launch your podcast, publish your book and speak on stages all over the world.

The hardest thing about starting a coaching business is getting clients…

You quit your job, you study hard for your coaching qualifications, you prepare your products and your packages, you put time and money into building your website and…. no-one comes. No clients. Nothing.

You are told that you need to create a “thing” in order to build an audience – self-publish a book, launch a podcast, speak at events and you invest your precious time and hard earned money into some of these “things” and yet you’re still making no money.

You see, the old model of building a coaching business is dead. The “if you build it they will come” approach doesn’t work. The 100% truth is that you are attempting to build your business on an old model that does not work, and yet instead of questioning the model, you question yourself.

Am I really good enough to build a business?

Does anyone really want a coach anyway?

Others start to question your choice of business and so you contemplating giving up.

I believe this… that in a world of 7.5billion people, 10,000 people woke up this morning, within your niche, shedding private tears, because they need a solution to their problem, that solution is you… they just don’t know that you exist.

Let me introduce you to the new way of building a coaching business, to build a tribe.

What is a tribe?

“A tribe is a group of people connected to one another, connected to a leader, and connected to a purpose. A group only needs four things to become a 7 figure tribe: A strong purpose; an authentic leader who will steer towards that purpose, multiple ways to engage with one another and communicate that purpose and, finally, a way to monetise that purpose”

Let me share with you the model that I have used to build a tribe over 100,000 people that has generated multiple seven figures, that has been used to help over 500+ coaches, experts, entrepreneurs and thought leaders to build an audience of raving fans and make a powerful difference in the lives of many.


The majority of coaching businesses fail because they don’t know how to market and message themselves in a way that resonates with their audience at a deeper level, in a way that takes them on a journey, with you. The first step is to understand your purpose, your vision and your message on which you will build your tribe upon.

We focus on literally building an audience, one by one, person by person. The stronger you build your audience and the foundations of your tribe, the greater you will be perceived as an authority, as an influencer and the more those who need you will flock towards your work.


In the old model of building a coaching a business, you waste time and money building a product because you think it’s a good idea, you launch it to the world and no-one buys it. Why? Because you don’t have an audience and because we don’t know whether this idea, this product, that you think is great, is actually wanted by anybody.

After building a tribe, you now get to understand what your audience needs. We then focus on building three core products:

High Ticket Mastery Programme ($4-$15k)

We initially focus on creating a world class 1:Group programme that is a done with you product, with various levels of support, that ensures that you gets results with your clients.

Low Ticket Mass Impact Programme ($2-$6k)

This programme is exactly the same content as the High Ticket Mastery Programme with less levels of support, and at a more affordable level. As your content is world class, your clients will get results, in a way that is affordable to them.

A High End 1:1 Coaching Programme ($25k+)

Our time is precious. As opposed to giving away our time for free, we place the value on our time and as a result, the highest premium is charged. The high end 1:1 coaching programme, again, is the same content as the High Ticket Mastery Programme, in which you help your client to implement it’s content in a 1:1, deeply immersive way.

The main goal of these three products is to ensure that you are serving your tribe both in a way that meets their needs and ensures that they feel supported. Whilst, at the same time ensuring that there are options that enable your clients to get results, depending on the level that they can afford.

A further important aspect of “Convert” is ensuring that you are selling to your audience in way that does not feel “sale-sy” and so Mark has personally built a “100 Trust Point” system which ensure that the prospects, from your tribe, do not even get to hear about your product until there are 100 trust points in their trust point bank, ensuring that you convert 80% of qualified leads.


As we have established, the majority of coaches, start with amplify – they post all over social media, they build their website (in fact many are amazed to know that Mark made his first $1million without a website!), they self-publish a book and launch a podcast in the hope that they build a tribe. The truth is that it takes 20 sales of your book to become an Amazon #1 best seller!

In Mark’s model, once you’ve created the perfect marketing and messaging that enables you to resonate with your audience at a deeper level, only then do you amplify your work – in the media, by writing a book, by launching a podcast. You are feeding your existing tribe with content that is building their trust points, your tribe is growing and as new audiences are accessing this content, you are positioned as an authority and they join your tribe that is already rapidly growing. The compound effect of authority building kicks in and suddenly you have built a tribe of 41,000 people, just Mark’s client, Blair Robinson.

So, what’s so different about 7 Figure Tribe Unleashed?

Let’s go back to the truth, that 10,000 people woke up this morning, in your niche, shedding private tears because they need a solution to their problem, they just don’t know that you exist.

Mark and the team have had many coaches, experts and thought leaders come to them and state that they have completed so many course and programmes, in which they have felt as though they are one of a number, that they don’t receive the support and generate little results.

It is Mark’s intense passion to break the coaching mould paradigm of mass numbers (for the sake of profit) and little support (which generates low quality results). For this reason Mark has built a mentorship programme with only two intakes of 50 coaches per year, with a highly engaged mentorship and accountability process which means that you actually get personalised and supported time with Mark who has built successful tribe and, whose one on one clients pay $100,000 per year to get the results that he promises to work with you to deliver (for a significant fraction of that investment!)

Furthermore, this is NOT a 6 month or a 12 month programme. Mark’s promise is that you will work with him until you have built a tribe of 10,000 people across Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn and email – no matter how long it takes.

Mark is passionate about getting into the trenches with his clients to help 100 clients to build a tribe of 10,000 people and impact 1million lives.

This is Mark’s promise and 7 Figure Tribe Unleashed Guarantee.

Hey I’m Mark Bowness.

From such a young age I was building tribes, communities of amazing people that did amazing things. In fact my first tribe saw me take young people to Africa to take part in volunteer work in the slums and orphanages of Kenya, Africa. I have always been passionate about building tribes that profoundly and positively shape the world in which we live.

At the age of 26 years old my marriage had ended, my life hit rock bottom, I had to go and live back with my parents and I have no money whatsoever. I spent my days cleaning school toilets just to cover the basics.

During this time of working for someone else, for little money, I realised that I had developed incredible skills of building communities and tribes of people and knew that I could turn that into a successful business.

I leased a 200 acre-island from scratch and invited the world to become “tribe members”. Suddenly (literally three months later!) I was appearing in 200 media outlets around the world including Good Morning America, the Today Show and the New York Times. The business was even filmed for 18 months and became a TV show in the UK, America and Australia as well as securing a six-figure book deal!

But, if I was being completely honest – I had no idea what I was doing!

I felt like a fraud that was mostly guessing my way around building a successful business. It wasn’t until I’d spent a SH!T TON of money on my own coaches and lost a SH!T TON of time on honing, crafting and turning what I had achieved into a system and process that got results for my clients did I start to stitch together some tactical strategies that seemed to be getting great results.

I reverse engineered the same process to and poured my heart, time, blood sweat and tears into building a tribe of 30,000 coaches to help them to make a bigger impact in the world, in fact I have helped over 500+ coaches, to build their tribes.

Not only have I now built a tribe of 100,000 people that generates multiple millions of dollars I now help the most amazing people turn their coaching and mentoring businesses and thought leadership practices into 7 Figure Tribes that profoundly impact the world just like Kat Dunn, who generated $120k in sales in 12 weeks, Rhys Badkin who quit his job and generated $28k in sales in 4 weeks, Jennifer Yarbrough who generated a HUGE $40k in sales in 24 hours… all from turning their coaching business into powerful tribes. I even work with world class tennis players and ex-NFL players to monetise their tribes too!



The 7 Figure Tribe Unleashed Mentorship Programme is led by Mark Bowness and comprises of step-by-step video tutorials, live weekly Q&A sessions with Mark, an extensive accountability system to ensure that you get results and one to one support guarantee that you will build a tribe of 10,000 people and increase your income, influence and impact enabling you to build a tribe that shapes the world.

PLUS you will also receive comprehensive training and access to a replicable framework for setting up, launching, managing and building your hungry tribe, creating your online programmes, mastering sales, getting paid to speak at events, positioning you as a “go to” media authority, launch your podcast, write a book, master Facebook Ads and become an Influencer on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook and LinkedIn.

The process it’s made up of three phases – engage, convert, amplify – and at the end of it you will built a significant tribe that is truly shaping the world, be on your way to hitting 6 and 7 figures…

… and most importantly you will love the fun, freedom and flexibility of knowing that you are truly making your biggest impact on planet earth.

Now just imagine…


Knowing how to turn your passion, coaching or mentoring business or thought leadership practice into a tribe of raving fans that impacts the world enabling you to generate 6-7 figures.


Understanding how to create online products, services and group programmes that get client results without being tech savvy.


Learning how to sell your products in a way that feels natural, enabling you to sell time and time again without feeling salesy.


Building your own online following across all social media platforms, running events, appearing in the media and growing a significant brand that you can run anywhere in the world.


Launching your very own podcast and publishing a book AND having a hungry audience who are ready, willing and eager to consume your content.

Using this proven step-by-step process with hands on mentorship support you can build your own coaching business, build a tribe that shapes the world and make money doing EXACTLY what you love with a dream team to support you every step of the way.

7 Figure Tribe Unleashed is like unlocking your very own box of private consultants and world-class experts ready to lift up their sleeves and help fix & troubleshoot YOUR business growth! And the best bit – it’ll cost you a FRACTION of what it would cost to hire a one to one business coach and will save you hours trying to trawl through free information to make it work.

Bypass the heartache and stress and avoid costly investment pitfalls, ensure that you have a step by step process and proven system to build your business and tribe in a fraction of the time and tap into your very own industry experts who will guide you to your own 7 Figure Tribe building success.

6 Common Pitfalls When Attempting To Build Your Coaching Business.

Pitfall #1:  

Thinking you have to come up with a unique product that is expensive to implement.

Your life experience, your highs, your lows, your strengths, hobbies and passions are a source of wealth if turned into a mentoring or coaching business. You can start today.

  • A mum dealing with tear away teenagers.
  • A corporate who is fast tracking their way up the career ladder.
  • A happily married couple of over 30 years.
  • A man who has overcome depression, alcohol and a turbulent life.

In a world of 7.5 billion people are there enough people on planet earth who would pay for the wisdom of your experience and mentorship, enough to build a 6-7 figure business? Of course there are!

Let’s assume you have an online programme that you charge out at $2500 and you sold just 3 people into your programme per week over 52 weeks. In one year you would generate $390,000. Now how does that compare to your currently salary?

Over three years would generate over $1,170,000. Let’s compare that to an average salary of $72,824 which would equate to $218,472 over that same three year period. 

You would generate more money in year one of your business than you would in three years of an average salary.

However, this is simply with one product. Mark teaches his clients his million dollar wealth triangle that consists of three core products giving you the capacity to generate $1million every single year.

With your own dream team and mentorship from Mark Bowness we can help you to fast track your results, to ensure that you make less mistakes and navigate your way to your own fun, freedom, flexibility and endless financial income opportunities and most of all… impact.

Pitfall #2:  

I can figure it out by myself.

Here’s the truth, trying to figure out setting up and running your own business means that ultimately you quit.

There is already enough going on in your life – you may already have a job, family, partner, outside hobbies and most people, whilst they have a dream to start their own business, don’t simply find the time to do so.

If you are attempting to launch a business whilst still having a full time job the reality is that you come home from work exhausted and the few hours you have to focus on your business you don’t know where to start, you are overwhelmed and you procrastinate.

Let me ask you a question, how long have you attempted to launch a business by yourself? Okay two questions… do you honestly think that you will be in any different situation than you are now, in 12 months time?

Pitfall #3:  

I will just pay for a one off consult with a business coach.

And where to from there?

You’ll be left with a million and one unanswered questions and nothing tangible to move forward with.

Not to mention the cost of a consult which can range between $300/hr up to $1500/hr for a highly sought after coach.

Strategies are a dime a dozen (or $300/hr a dozen) but the execution is everything.

Save those dollars for a week on the beach. Follow a system and process that works and tap into your truly experience tribe building mentor right whenever you need him!

Pitfall #4:  

There are plenty of free online courses out there…

Wading through numerous blog posts and free online webinars is not only frustrating but time-consuming! Time is precious and it’ll cost you. Don’t spend your days, weeks, life searching for the right pieces to the puzzle.

Besides, there are a whole bunch of strategies out there that are often conflicting, it’s important to learn what works for you.

During your time with Mark and the 7 Figure Tribe Unleashed Mentorship programme he guides you through a FRAMEWORK that works, but you apply your personality, your experience, your character to your business and tribe which makes YOU uniquely successful.

Pitfall #5:  

You have created a product, but no one purchased, nothing… zilch!

This is by far the biggest mistake that Mark has seen having worked with well over 31,000 coaches, mentors, thought leaders and experts.

We have seen hundreds of business owners waste time and money into building a product and then launching it to no-one. There are no sales, you get fed up and you give up.

The saddest part about this is that it is Mark’s belief that in a world of 7.5billion people, 10,000 people woke up this morning needed a solution to a problem, that solution is you – the skills, wisdom, hobby, experience that you have. They just don’t know that you exist.

Mark has personally built a tribe of 31,000 people that generates multiple millions of dollars per year. Within the 7 Figure Tribe Unleashed you will learn how to build your own tribe first, with clients previously hitting 20,000 people in their tribe within 6 months.

As you build a tribe, you understand their needs, you build a relationship with them and the sales flow. One to one clients are paying Mark $100,000 per year to implement this strategy, building a tribe is the fundamental key to your success and lies at the very heart of Mark’s mentorship programme.

Pitfall #6:  

I will save just a little bit more money…

Ah yes the “just a little but more money” syndrome.

Let me ask you this… how much money is enough money?

One recent client following this exact content generated $40,000 in just one 24 hour period.

If money is REALLY a struggle, but you are hungry to make this happen… let me share with you Kyle.. a client who asked family members to lend him the money on the basis that he would give them back double what they lent him and he did, as well as building a $350,000 business in 12 months.

Look, building a business and tribe isn’t easy, and many drop at the first hurdle. There will be far greater challenges that finding the investment for the mentorship programme. If money is a hurdle you don’t want to jump then best to learn that now and quit the idea of running a business.

However, if the fear isn’t actually the money, if the fear is whether you will be able to make it happen… then you are in no safer hands then with a team of experts who are leaders in their field, here to guide you every single step of the way.

So What’s Actually Inside?



Not only does Mark work with you until you hit 10,000 tribe members, you also receive the following world class support:


Step-by-step video tutorials to ensure that you build your tribe across Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and email database, to build your world class online programme, to master the art of selling and position yourself in the media.


A private mastermind group that enables you to post your homework and ask question. Mark is personally in this group, each day, responding to homework and answering questions to ensure that you are building on the right foundation.


Live Weekly Q&A session with Mark Bowness – with no more than 20 people on each session. These sessions do not end until every question has been answered.


12 week Tribe Accelerator sessions with Blair Robinson to ensure that your tribe is built as quickly as possible.


Accountability – we have an in-depth weekly accountability system and an accountability pod of 10 people to one mentor who meet monthly to ensure that you are kept on track.


Quarterly online workshops to help you to master the core content of – launching your podcast, writing your book, becoming a media authority and mastering Mark’s content domination system.


Two Yearly In Person Retreats as we hang out in amazing locations, relax, revitalise and re-discover new teachings around re-building the heart of building your tribe.


One to One calls with Mark himself – throughout the mentorship programme, as and when is needed, you will have access to 1:1 calls with Mark in order to accelerate your results.

The Business Model

The Business Model

Learn how to create products that get results for your clients and sell them in a congruent and authentic way.


You will determine your product’s perfect price point.


Reverse engineer the exact weekly and monthly sales targets that you need to hit to reach your first $260k.


Understand how to implement Mark’s Million Dollar Wealth Triangle to provide three products enabling you to hit $1million per year in revenue, service your audience at a price point that they can afford and ensure that you are getting paid your worth for your time, whilst still delivering client results.



Build your own tribe or raving fans who are passionate to buy your products and services.


Learn who your audience are, how to connect with them and how to market yourself in a way that resonates with your audience at a deeper level.


Learn all the skills required to build a tribe of 10,000 people across Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram and your email database.


Build an audience and position yourself as an authority to ensure successful product, service and book launches.


Turn your online tribe into an offline community and speak at a minimum of 6-12 events per year.



Learn how to craft world class products and sell in abundance even if you are not very good at sales.


Discover how to turn your ideas into mentoring and coaching packages, programmes, retreats, books and countless other products.


Learn how to create lead magnets that have your audience booking into your calendar.


Master the art of Facebook Ads driving traffic to your community.


Discover the art of Mark’s authentic sales process and learn how to sell like a pro including sales scripts and sales training.



You have a story that the world needs to hear. We will show you how to become the go to media within your industry.  


Become the go to media authority and learn how to secure media interviews in newspapers, radios and podcasts.


Launch your own podcast, position yourself as an authority and interview and be associated with thought leaders in your field.


Write and publish your own book and share your message with your tribe and, indeed, the world.


Get paid to speak on the world’s stages.

Since mentorship, support and accountability are underlying principles of the success of 7 Figure Tribe Unleashed here are a couple of snippets of a live training call.

How it works


Step 1

Book in a 7 Figure Tribe Unleashed Call


Step 2

If you are accepted on the mentorship programme you will be given access to the training


Step 3

You will also be booked into an on-boarding call with Mark Bowness himself


Step 4

Watch the video tutorials, post your homework in the group and attend the live weekly Q&A sessions


Step 5

Take action on the accountability process to ensure that you are supported, take action and get results


Step 6

Join our quarterly live online workshops to take gain further insight into the core pillars of the programme


Step 7

Come and hang out with us all in our in person retreats


Step 8

Work with Mark UNTIL you have built your tribe of 10,000 people

Benefit from authority by association and raise your profile to Mark Bowness’ tribe of 100,000 people.

If you are one of the 50 coaches accepted in this intake you will also:


Benefit from increased authority by association as Mark will profile you to his audience of 100,000 people.


Be interviewed on Mark’s newly launching podcast “We Build Tribes” that will follow the journey of the intake of this 50 people.


Feature in a book that Mark is writing, specifically about building YOUR tribe of 10,000 and how YOU are impacting the world.


Feature in Mark’s mini-documentary series following this intake of 50 people and your journey to build a tribe that powerfully impacts the world.

Such level of exposure has never previously been offered and provides and instant platform on which you can accelerate the growth of your tribe.

Still have questions?

I think this may be “too overwhelming” for me.

I have personally built a 7 Figure business and have reversed engineered everything that I have done to achieve that goal. The online trainings, videos and step-by-step tutorials, along with the live sessions and one to one session are all created to support you every step of the way. If you are passionate about building your business, there is nothing else out there that gives you this level of support. Our passion is to get rid of the overwhelm and ensure that you gain results, it’s that simple.

I am no good at some things can I build a team?

Turning your coaching business into a tribe that increases your impact and income  only works if you focus on your passion, your skills, all that you are good at and build a team. Within our training we teach how to build a VA team, how to get tech support and how to build a sales team. We even introduce you to the very people who have helped to turn Mark’s business into a million dollar movement that impacts the world. You want to build a team? We will show you how.

What time are the calls and what if I can’t attend them?

We have students from all over the world and have built a timetable to ensure that we cover as many countries and time zones as possible. We are confident that you will be able to attend our live sessions but don’t worry… we record every single session which are then uploaded to the online hub within 48 hours for you to watch as the replay.

Are there any extra costs that I have to pay?

I have built a system that enables you to generate leads for free on Facebook. I have generated free leads that has turned into a 7 Figure revenue – we start there. The goal of the 7 Figure Tribe Unleashed  is to keep costs low in order to maximise your profit before reinvesting into other tools, programmes and software. However, there are basic services required including an email system and a landing page product which we can ensure that you gain access to for a total of only $48 per month.

I don’t know what to sell.

We got you covered. That is exactly where we start. We help you to turn your life experience into three key products and services that people are hungry to buy. We gain absolute clarity on this as a fundamental basic, to help you to build your 7 Figure Tribe. Plus, we have a team of experts to guide you every step of the way.

How quickly can I make money?

Let me be clear… this is no get rich quick scheme and nor do we want students on this mentorship programme who are looking for fast cash. Fast cash never works. However, if you want to build the foundations for a sustainable business that you can still be running in 10 years time, let’s do it. How quickly you make cash depends on how fast you implement the content. Rhys hit $48k in sales in 4 weeks. Jennifer hit $40k in sales in 24 hours. Kat hit $120k in sales in 12 weeks, Susie hit $15k in sales in one week. Sagi hit $100,000 in recurring income. How? They are action takers who implemented, took advice and refused to fail. If that’s you… you can achieve the same.

7 Figure Tribe Unleashed is for you if…


You are sick and tired of the old model of building a coaching business that isn’t generating results and what to build a tribe that impacts the world.


You are not wanting to be one of a number in a programme but are seeking hands on support to enable you to build a business that you love and increase your capacity to earn beyond your 9-5.


You are willing and ready to follow Mark’s proven step by step formula to ensure that you finally get the results you are seeking.


You are ready to become the go to media authority, to launch your podcast, to write a book and get paid to speak.


You are looking for an proven accountability process that is checking in on you, that is making sure that you are supported and are actively working towards your goals.

You want to see real financial results AND to make a difference in the world.

7 Figure Tribe is not for you if…


You do not have a desire to turn your coaching business into a tribe that makes a profound impact in the world.


You think you can learn it all from YouTube Videos, FB groups and blogs.


You don’t want help mentorship, support and accountability from someone who is exactly where you want to be.


You aren’t willing to participate to help one another to achieve your goals.


You aren’t realistic about what’s possible for your business.


You are not willing and ready to become all that you were created to be in this world.


Mark Bowness has committed himself to helping 100 coaches to build a tribe of 10,000 people, to ensure that together we impact 1million lives.

Mark has focused on pushing the boundaries of coaching programmes to deliver a mentorship experience that is unlike no other.

7 Figure Tribe is not a 3 month, 6 month or even a 12 month programme. Mark’s guarantee is that he will work with you until you build a tribe of 10,000 people across Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube and your email database – no matter how long that takes.

There will only ever be 50 people on your intake and a maximum of 100 people on this mentorship programme with spaces only opening up once a student has built their tribe of 10,000 people.

You can rest assured that Mark is working with you, until you get results.

So What Makes “7 Figure Tribe Unleashed” different from any other mentorship programme?

7 Figure Tribe Unleashed is unlike any other programme out that exists because not only do you gain access to step by step tutorials enabling you to follow the exact same process that Mark Bowness used to build his multiple seven figure income generating tribe that impacts the world, but you also get hands on mentorship from Mark himself to guide only a small group of 50 coaches to ensure that they build a tribe of 10,000 people.

As if this wasn’t enough you also gain access to Mark’s audience as he follows the journey of the 50 students via his podcast, book and mini-documentaries to profile your life changing tribe to the world.

Mark is only taking on 100 students over two intakes of 50 students over the next 12 months. Once these places are filled, there will be no further openings until a student has built their tribe of 10,000 people.

Check out what one of Mark Bowness’ students had to say about his work…

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